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Arndale Octa Board announced at Linaro Connect USA 2013

Samsung 5420 based first big.LITTLE Board, as announced at Linaro Connect USA 2013

Samsung Exynos 5420 Arndale Octa Board

5420 a1.png

Exynos 5420 adopts the Cortex-A15 core(quad), which is 40% DMIPS higher than the CortexA9 core and targets 1.8GHz speed. It also incorporates the Cortex-A7 core(quad) which enables energy efficient computing for less intensive tasks Exynos 5420 provides 14.9GB/s memory bandwidth for heavy traffic operations such as 1080p video en/decoding, 3D graphics display and high resolution image signal processing with WQXGA Display. The application processor supports dynamic virtual address mapping aiding software engineers to fully utilize the memory resources easily.
Exynos 5420 provides the best 3D graphics performance with wide range of APIs such as OpenGHL ES1.1/2.0 and 3.0, OpenVG1.0.1. Exynos 5420's 3D core's universal scalable Shader engine supports the feature sets in Microsoft VS5.0 and PS5.0. Superior 3D performance fully supports WQXGA display. Exynos5420 supports not only low power eDP but also Panel-Self-Refresh(PSR) to make a low power system. The native dual display, in particular, support WQXGA resolution for the main LCD display and 1080p 60fps HDTV display through HDMI, simultaneously. Separate post processing pipeline enables Exynos 5420 to make real display scenario.

  • ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore (Quad core) processor, which is “BIG”core.
    • 3.5DMIPS per core with 1.8GHz operating frequency
    • 32 KB(Instruction)/32KB(Data)L1 Cache and 2MB L2 Cache
    • 1TB physical addressing
  • ARM Cortex-A7 class MPCore (Quad core) processor, which is “LITTLE”core.
    • 1.86 DMIPS per core with 1.2 GHz operating frequency
    • 32 KB(Instruction)/32 KB(Data)L1 Cache and 512 KB L2 Cache

5420 block.jpg

  • Multi-format Video Hardware codec(MFC): 1920X1080@60fps
  • OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.0, OpenCL1.1, OpenVG1.0.1, DirectX 11, Google Renderscript
  • Support HDMI 1.4a interfaces with on-chip PHY
  • One channel eDP output Single WQXGA
  • Support MIPI DSI Standard Specification V1.01r11
  • Support MIPI CSI standard specification V1.0 Tow ports
  • Support USB3.0 Host 1-channel that supports SS(5Gbps) with on-chip PHY
  • Support USB2.0 Device 1-channel that supports LS/FS/HS with on-chip PHY
  • Support USB2.0 Host 2-channel that supports LS/FS/HS with on-chip PHY
  • Support USB HSIC 1-channel that supports 480Mbps with on-chip PHY
  • Support 10/100Mbps Ethernet One Port
  • Support One channel eMMC 4.41 DDR in 8bit 4GB
  • Support One channel SDIO 3.0
  • Support One channel SD2.0
  • Support Four channel high-speed UART(up to 3Mbps data rate for Bluetooth 2.0 EDR and IrDA 1.0SIR)
  • Support Three channel high-speed SPI
  • Support Three channel 24-bit I2S audio interface
  • Support Four channel I2C interface support , up 400kbps
  • Support Four channel HS-I2C up to 3.1Mps
  • Support 24bit 96kHz Stereo CODEC
  • Support Configurable GPIOs
  • Support 1EA Configurable Button
  • Support 1EA Configurable LED
  • Hold currents up to 2.3A

Notice : git repositories open at 5pm 1 November(KST:GMT+9)

Accessories for Arndale & Arndale Octa Board

  • Display Board
    • MIPI-DSI 4 Lane and eDP interface support
    • 7 Inch TFT LCD, Resolution 1024 * 600, Capacitive Touchscreen
  • WiFi+BT+GPS Module
  • Audio Module
  • Accessories

Arndale Board @ ARM TechCon

ARM techcon logo.gif

  • Samsung and Insignal, ARM TechCon 2012 Preview featuring the Arndale Board.
    Previewing Arndale board in ARM TechCon please click here.

Samsung Exynos 5250 Arndale Board

5250 fullset.jpg
  • Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Arndale Board
    • CPU Board
      • Cortex-A15@1.7 GHz dual core subsystem with 64/128 bit SIMD NEON
      • 32KB(instruction)/32KB(DATA)L1 Cache and 1MB l2 Cache
      • 32-bit 800Mhz DDR3(L)/DDR3 1Gbytes x 2
    • Base Board
      • Sensor
        • Accelerator : Invensence MPU-6050
        • Gyro : Invensence MPU-6050
        • e-Compass : AKM -AK8963C
      • ITU 601 camera Interface
      • HDMI 1.4 interfaces with on-chip PHY
      • One channel eDP output Single WQXGA
      • MIPI DSI Standard Specification V1.01r11
      • MIPI CSI Standard Specification V1.0 Two ports
      • USB3.0 Host or Device 1-channel that supports SS(5Gbps) with on-chip PHY
      • USB2.0 Host or Device 1-channel that supports LS/FS/HS with on-chip PHY
      • USB HSIC 2-channel that supports 480Mbps with on-chip PHY
      • SATA 1.0/2.0/3.0 interface
      • One channel eMMC 4.5
      • One channel SDIO 3.0
      • Two channel SD 2.0
      • Four channel high-speed UART
        (up to 3Mbps data rate for Bluetooth 2.0 EDR and IrDA 1.0SIR)
      • Three channel high-speed SPI
      • Three channel 24-bit I2S audio interface
      • Four channel I2C interface support , up to 400kbps
      • Four channel HS-I2C up to 3.1Mps

Arndale Board Product Features and Highlights

Arm 5250 full 1.jpg

    • Arndale Board offers World 1st Cortex-A15 dual core CPU, remarkable 3D GPU performance with ARM Mali T-604 GPU and World’s highest resolution support (24bit 2560X1600@60fps)

    • Arndale Board is designed for high-end tablets that require multi-window operations, full multitasking, and fast response while running applications. Arndale board is the first developer board which enable to integrate Cortex-A15 dual core CPU and ARM Mali-T604 GPU in the market.

    • Another advantage of Arndale Board is that Vivid and clear WQXGA display which enable to give user a realistic image for 3D gaming and eBook contents reading, and Fast and smooth system integration combining enough graphics capability to handle 24bit WQXGA resolution with response.

Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual core processor

  • World’s First Cortex-A15 Dual core
  • World’s Best 3D Performance with ARM Mali T-604 GPU
  • World’s first 12.8 Gbytes/sec Memory Bandwidth with 2-port 800MHz DDR3L
  • Ultimate WQXGA Display Solution with Low-Power eDP
  • 1080p 60fps Video Performance and VP8 Decoder
  • USB 3.0 DRD Solution for Faster PC Sync UP and LTE

  • Exynos 5 Dual provides multi-windows and multi-tasking with exceptional 3D performance. Its 32nm HKMG process, low-power eDP combine to provide overall lower power consumption. Add in its 12.8GB/s memory bandwidth and its DDR3L 800MHz RAM, and users will experience seamless UI & graphics for even longer.


Arndale Board Connectivity Modules

  • WiFi+BT+GPS Module

Arndale Board Package 3.jpg

  • Samsung SWB-A51H(WIFI,BT) + CSR GPS(G05t)
  • WIFI + BT
    • Vendor  : SEMCO
    • Device name : SWB-A51H(ATHEROS AR6003)
    • Features
      • IEEE Std 802.11a/b/g, 802.11n(1x1)
      • Bluetooth – Bluetooth specification Version 4.0 (BR/EDR+BLE)
      • WiFi direct support
      • Includes all the baseband and radio
      • external antenna
      • Low power consumption
      • Cellular coexistence supported
      • Host interfaces: SDIO
  • GPS
    • Vendor : CSR
    • Device Name : G05t
    • Features
      • GNSS, GLONASS, Galileo and SBAS reception for high GNSS availability. Galileo and Compass support via future software upgrade
      • Host based MEMS enhancements for context recognition and improved accuracy
      • Improved accuracy by reducing cross-correlation from strong signals and susceptibility to multipath
      • High-sensitivity tracking to -165 dBm
      • Selectable LO/IF options
      • Excellent 3GPP acquisition and tracking margins
      • Designed for simple coexistence with 2G and 3G radio systems
      • Programmable I/O
      • Integrated DSP for jamming immunity, handling CW, narrow band and wideband noise
  • Audio Module

Arndale Board Package 4.jpg

  • Sound Codec : Wolfson WM1811A
  • Features
    • 24-bit 2-channel Hi-fi DAC and 2-channel Hi-fi ADC
    • 100dB SNR during DAC playback
    • Smart MIC interface
    • 2W stereo class D speaker drivers
    • Capless Class W headphone drivers
    • 4Line outputs (single-ended or differential)
    • BTL Earpiece driver
    • Digital audio interfaces for multi-processor architecture
    • ReTune TM Mobile 5-band,4-channel parametic EQ
    • Dynamic range controller
    • Dual FLL provides all necessary clocks
    • Active noise reduction circuits
    • Intergrated LDO regulators

  • Accessories
Arndale Board Package 6.jpg
  • AC Adapter (5V 5A)
  • HDMI, Serial, USB Cable, SD Card, etc