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Arndale Board @ ARM TechCon

Samsung and Insignal, ARM TechCon 2012 Preview featuring the Arndale Community Board.

The $249 is the worlds most powerful ARM based development board, providing developers with an ARM Cortex-A15 with Mali-T604 Samsung Exynos5250 development platform. It includes Android support now, Ubuntu support soon and more also later.

This photo and video includes an unboxing of the development board bundled with the optional $250 7" touch-screen.


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Product features and highlights

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  • Develop superior mobile apps with ARM@Coretx A15 ultra-fast dual core processor with enhanced 3-D graphic capabilities.
  • Improve accessibility with faster, smoother performance using the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean mobile app.
  • Deliver hardware and software to market quicker with easier access to open-source codes through the ARNDALE community board.
  • Test platforms with a choice of scalable hardware and software solutions using a standard connector and base board design.

Community development board is becoming more important for mobile app developers.

Faced with limited budgets and escalating costs, software and hardware developers are looking for better and faster ways to get their mobile device products to market. Shorter delivery times and more cost-effective development methods are key requirements for companies that produce software and hardware.

Engineers often turn to community boards that provide open access to source codes as well as design materials and schematics. These essential tools improve the platform experience and help make the developer's task easier. As a result, development time and costs are reduced.

ARNDALE is the industry's first Corex-A15 dual-core development board.

ARNDALE board (Android 4.1) is designed to speed this process by delivering a software platform that most everyday users will find easier to operate. The solution developed from a collaboration between engineers from numerous companies in response to their own challenges in lunching mobile apps.

ARNDALE Board provides the ability to create a full production-quality consumer software product whose source is open for customization and porting. The solution gives developers access to low-cost tools without sacrificing quality.

Develop superior mobile apps with Samsung Exynos 5 Dual

ARNDALE Board is designed around the Samsung Exynos 5 Dual system-on chip (Soc). The Exynos 5 Dual features the industry's first ARM@Cortex-A15 MPcore, with 40 percent higher performance than the older generation Cortex-A9 core. It also features the industry's first Mali-T604 Graphics Processing Unit(GPU), based on 32 nm High-K Metal Gate(HKMG) process technology and low-power electronic data processing(eDP). Combined, they offer the open-source developer community a rich environment for producing high-caliber mobile apps with low power consumption. In addition, 1,600 Mhz of high-bandwidth double-data rate 3 low-voltage(DDR3L) RAM provides higher data transfer speed.

Exceptional graphics and communication features

With ARNDALE Board, developers gain access to a dual core Cortex-A15 processor and high-end graphics with features not usually found on other community platforms. These features include Near Field Communication (NFC), a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a camera sensor. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are also provided.

Multi-windows and multitasking with exceptional 3-D performance give developers the ability to create apps in the areas of gaming, encoding, security and multimedia.

Support WQXGA

Delivering exceptional performance and a clear, Wide Quad Extended Graphics Array (WQXGA) display, ARNDALE Board is an ideal solution to enhance the mobile device experience. With 24 bit, 2560 X 1600 resolution at 60 frames per second (fps), ARNDALE Board offers the worlds highest revolution support. It also includes OpenGL ES and OpenCL.

User interface to multiple operating systems

This rich collaboration tool is linked with leading software platforms such as Linux, Linaro and Google Android Open Source Project (AOSP). ARNDALE Board offers a low-cost, versatile development platform with software and middleware support.

Support latest Android OS, Jelly Bean

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the fastest and smoothest version of Android to date. The Jelly Bean platform boasts an array of improved performance features throughout the system, which provides new and creative opportunities for app developers worldwide. Enhancements include :

  • Faster orientation changes.
  • Quicker responses when switching between recent apps.
  • Smoother and more constant rendering across the system through vertical synchronization (sync) and triple buffering.
  • More reactive and uniform touch responses, achieved by boosting the devices CPU instantly when the screen is touched.
  • Gesture Mode, which uses touch and swipe gestures in combination with speech output.
  • A new accessibility focus feature that permits the user to move the cursor between controls to maintain a target for the next action or a source for next navigation event.
  • The ability to launch the current item by double tapping virtually anywhere on the touchscreen.
  • Text traversal, which provides more control to move among pages, paragraphs, lines, words or characters.
  • A TalkBack screen reader that supports gestures to trigger actions to navigate apps and traverse text.
  • Full support for Braille users with the BrailleBack app download.

Create superior apps faster with latest performance

Faster time to market is a key factor for developers of mobile apps who work with limited budgets. The sooner application development firms can deliver their products to the consumer, the more quickly they cal realize their revenue stream.

Designed for ease of use, ARNDALE Board and its open source communities and world-class Android platform help developers spend less time in development. Android is among the most popular mobile platforms that developers choose for creating mobile apps and games for users world-wide. It also provides an open marketplace for distributing apps to users almost instantly. Less time spent on development and faster delivery to the consumer translates into lower operational costs and quicker return on investment (ROI).

ARNDALE Board outperforms the competition in processing, memory, input and output, as well as 2-D and 3-D graphics, as recorded by benchmark app Quadrant.

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Allow testing with various solutions and peripherals

ARNDALE Board offers developers a choice of scalable hardware and software solutions using a standard connector and base board design. Various high-performance peripherals are provided, including Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0, embedded Multimedia Card (eMMC) 4.5 and a Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) interface.

Board Specification

Block diagram

Arndale block.png


Arndale Board Detail 1.jpg

  • Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Arndale Board
    • CPU Board
      • Cortex-A15@1.7 GHz dual core subsystem with 64/128 bit SIMD NEON
      • 32KB(instruction)/32KB(DATA)L1 Cache and 1MB l2 Cache
      • 32-bit 800 MHz DDR3(L)/DDR3 2GB
    • Base Board
      • Sensor
        • Accelerator : Invensence MPU-6050
        • Gyro : Invensence MPU-6050
        • e-Compass : AKM -AK8963C
      • ITU 601 camera Interface
      • HDMI 1.4 interfaces with on-chip PHY
      • One channel eDP output Single WQXGA
      • MIPI DSI Standard Specification V1.01r11
      • MIPI CSI Standard Specification V1.0 Two ports
      • USB3.0 Host or Device 1-channel that supports SS(5Gbps) with on-chip PHY
      • USB2.0 Host or Device 1-channel that supports LS/FS/HS with on-chip PHY
      • USB HSIC 2-channel that supports 480Mbps with on-chip PHY
      • SATA 1.0/2.0/3.0 interface
      • One channel eMMC 4.5
      • One channel SDIO 3.0
      • Two channel SD 2.0
      • Four channel high-speed UART
        (up to 3Mbps data rate for Bluetooth 2.0 EDR and IrDA 1.0SIR)
      • Three channel high-speed SPI
      • Three channel 24-bit I2S audio interface
      • Four channel I2C interface support , up 400kbps
      • Four channel HS-I2C up to 3.1Mps
  • Extension Board package
    • Sound Board package
      • Sound Codec : Wolfson WM1811A
      • Features
        • 24-bit 2-channel Hi-fi DAC and 2-channel Hi-fi ADC
        • 100dB SNR during DAC playback
        • Smart MIC interface
        • 2W stereo class D speaker drivers
        • Capless Class W headphone drivers
        • 4Line outputs (single-ended or differential)
        • BTL Earpiece driver
        • Digital audio interfaces for multi-processor architecture
        • ReTune TM Mobile 5-band,4-channel parametic EQ
        • Dynamic range controller
        • Dual FLL provides all necessary clocks
        • Active noise reduction circuits
        • Intergrated LDO regulators
    • Connectivity Board package
      • Samsung SWB-A51H(WIFI,BT) + CSR GPS(G05t)
      • WIFI + BT
        • Vendor  : SEMCO
        • Device name : SWB-A51H(ATHEROS AR6003)
        • Features
          • IEEE Std 802.11a/b/g, 802.11n(1x1)
          • Bluetooth – Bluetooth specification Version 4.0 (BR/EDR+BLE)
          • WiFi direct support
          • Includes all the baseband and radio
          • external antenna
          • Low power consumption
          • Cellular coexistence supported
          • Host interfaces: SDIO
      • GPS
        • Vendor : CSR
        • Device Name : G05t
        • Features
          • Operates as a tracker
          • GNSS, GLONASS, Galileo and SBAS reception for high GNSS availability. Galileo and Compass support via future software upgrade
          • Host based MEMS enhancements for context recognition and improved accuracy
          • Improved accuracy by reducing cross-correlation from strong signals and susceptibility to multipath
          • High-sensitivity tracking to -165 dBm
          • Selectable LO/IF options
          • Excellent 3GPP acquisition and tracking margins
          • Designed for simple coexistence with 2G and 3G radio systems
          • Programmable I/O
          • Integrated DSP for jamming immunity, handling CW, narrow band and wideband noise
    • Display Board Package
      • MIPI-DSI 4 Lane and eDP interface support
      • 7 Inch TFT LCD, Resolution 1024 * 600
      • Capacitive Touchscreen
    • Camera Board Package
      • MIPI-CSI and ITU601 interface support
      • 5M pixel Camera
  • Accessories
    • AC Adapter (5V 5A)
    • SATA SSD120GB or 240GB (Sata To USB 3.0 cable or SATA cable + Power cable)
    • HDMI, Serial, USB Cable, SD Card, etc

Samsung Exynos 5 Dual core processor

World’s First Cortex-A15 Dual core

Exynos 5 Dual is designed for high-end tablets that require multi-window operations, full multitasking, and fast response while running applications.
Exynos 5 Dual is the first chip in the market to integrate Cortex-A15 dual core.
The computing capability of Cortex-A15 dual core is similar to the CPU of a personal computer.
The DMIPS/MHz of Cortex-A15 is 40% higher than the older generation Cortex-A9 core.
The 32nm process of Exynos 5 Dual can increase the Cortex-A15 speed up to 1.7GHz, while the older 45nm process Cortex-A9-based Exynos 4 Dual runs at 1.4GHz. 1.7GHz Cortex-A15 dual core is 2 times better performance than 1.4GHz Cortex-A9 dual core.
Cortex-A15 CPU core, with enhanced VFP and Neon coprocessor, is 1.5 times faster in integer performance and 2.0 times faster in floating-point performance than Cortex-A9 core.
In interconnection, it also supports 128-bit AMBA4 master and slave ports with upcoming cache coherent interconnect.

World’s Best Mali-T604 GPU with 3D Performance

Currently, the 3D graphics engine in mobile operating systems is used for 3D rendering and for all basic graphic work on the screen.
Because the 3D graphic engine operates UI overlay, homescreen, 3D games, and more, 3D performance has become a very important feature for measuring Mobile AP's overall performance.
The 3D performance in the Exynos series has always been beyond compare, however, Exynos 5 Dual will raise the bar for mobile AP’s 3D performance even higher.

Screen resolution is directly related to 3D performance.
WQXGA resolution is four times better than WXGA, meaning that mobile APs must deliver 3D performance at least two times better than the previous generation.
To meet the standard of WQXGA resolution, mobile AP requires a new 3D engine and architecture.
Samsung System LSI worked closely with ARM to achieve the quad core Mali-T604, the most advanced mobile 3D engine to 6 WHITE PAPER date.
With Mali-T604, Exynos 5 Dual delivers two times better GPU performance than Exynos 4.
Since Exynos 4 has more than enough 3D performance to satisfy WXGA resolution, Exynos 5 Dual is the only mobile AP that can handle WQXGA content with 60fps updates.
In addition, the 3D feature of Exynos 5 Dual fully supports GPGPU, including openCL v1.1 full profile.
GPGPU is a solution that distributes the CPU's computation workload to the GPU. In GPGPU support, the floating point performance and precision of GPUs are the key factors.

While CPUs can handle 64-bit floating point (double-precision), most mobile GPUs can only handle 32-bit floating point (single-precision).
Exynos 5 Dual is the first mobile AP that can run double precision floating point and full precision with outstanding 72GFlops floating point performance.
With this functionality, a developer can handle more precise and heavy computation works by simultaneously using Exynos 5 Dual’s cortex-A15 dual cores and quad Mali-T604 cores performance.

World’s first 12.8 Gbytes/sec Memory Bandwidth with 2-port 800MHz DDR3L

In a worst case scenario, memory bandwidth can be very critical. 60 frames per second is the speed after which the after-image effect is no longer visible.
The UI frame rate has been developed up to 60 frames per second, enabling users to experience a smooth transitioning motion. 60fps on WQXGA easily breaks the conventional requirement of memory bandwidth. Displaying a 24bpp WQXGA screen at 60 frames per second consumes 1GB/s bandwidth.
Because it is combined with partial images and UI icons, the final display out requires 8GB/s bandwidth. This is effective bandwidth that does not include memory utilization. If utilization is 80%, required real bandwidth becomes 10GB/s.
Furthermore, WQXGA display combined with worst case scenarios (such as UI with overlay types of 1080p video playback, camera preview, and encoding, and simultaneous HDMI out to HDTV) makes memory bandwidth management more difficult.
Exynos 5 Dual has been designed for WQXGA display, with effective bandwidth, therefore, it can support such worst case scenarios.
Exynos 5 Dual has adopted the mobile industry’s first 2-port 800MHz DDR3 to support 12.8GB/s, which is two times wider than the bandwidth of Exynos 4 Dual. With 12.8GB/s memory bandwidth, Exynos 5 Dual 5 can make seamless UI motions and rich application operating momentum on a WQXGA resolution.

Ultimate WQXGA Display Solution with Low-Power eDP

Normally, the conventional MIPI interface has a maximum of 4 lanes, ideally running at 1Gbps.
However, in most cases, when considering EMI and tuning issues, effective speed is less than 900Mbps. Therefore, using MIPI interface cannot guarantee more complex resolution higher than Full HD.
This is the first case in which a mobile AP has integrated eDP. Exynos 5 Dual does not require an external eDP converter to support WQXGA. Furthermore, conventional eDP is used for laptops and consumes much more power than the MIPI interface used in mobile devices.
Thus, Samsung System LSI has specially designed eDP for Exynos 5 Dual, with power consumption at six times less than a conventional eDP interface.

Figure 4 :eDP integration and associated Timing controller.
5150 fig 1.PNG

1080p 60fps Video Performance and VP8 Decoder

After Exynos 4 Dual 45nm, support for full HD 30fps became the main functionality in high-end mobile APs.
Also, the video decoding feature of Exynos 4 Dual 45nm enabled end users to play most existing video codecs without any additional encoding. Exynos is the best solution for playing and recording video; however, the demand for better quality video and Stereoscopic 3D content requires a more advanced video engine.
Exynos 5 Dual is first in the market to support full HD 60fps video encoding/decoding. It can display stereoscopic contents through integrated HDMI v1.4a, moreover, Exynos 5 Dual H/W video codec can decode VP8 codec for Web-M and Web-P to full HD 60fps.
With full HD 60fps encoding, the user can record video in full HD 60fps, and also transfer and display a full HD video on TV via WiFi display. When a user wants to watch a full HD video through WiFi display, the mobile AP must first decode the content and then re-encode and packetize later. For this activity, the mobile AP needs to simultaneously process at least 30fps decoding and encoding.
WiFi display requires a lot of memory bandwidth because not only does 1080p video need to be decoded and encoded at the same time, but also because basic UI and communication need to work. Thus, Exynos 5 Dual is the core of the perfect home entertainment solution and is the only option to make real WiFi display with more options for application scenarios.

USB 3.0 DRD Solution for Faster PC Sync UP and LTE

The size of WQXGA content, advanced 3D games, and 1080p 60fps video data is approximately three times larger than content made for previous generation mobile devices.
To support this amount of data, Exynos 5 Dual provides USB 3.0 with 5Gbps SuperSpeed mode, which is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Moreover, Exynos 5 Dual's USB 3.0 is a Dual-Role Device, meaning it can detect the status of a slave device by its connector's signal and then operate as either Host or Device. With DRD mode, Exynos 5 Dual supports keyboard, external storage as USB Host, PC sync as USB device, and LTE data modem.


Exynos 5 Dual provides multi-windows and multi-tasking with exceptional 3D performance. Its 32nm HKMG process, low-power eDP combine to provide overall lower power consumption.
Add in its 12.8GB/s memory bandwidth and its DDR3L 800MHz RAM, and users will experience seamless UI & graphics for even longer.
Thanks to the world's first Cortex-A15 dual core and all the features it brings with it, Exynos 5 Dual is the complete solution for future WQXGA resolution devices.

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